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Dmoch history
Dmoch history

The Dmoch history started first of all in an old horse stable which the company founder” Gerd Dmoch”  in the year 1952 converted into a
Fur - shop and furthermore he changed it in the early sixties in the space of times even into a real castle the so- called famous Fur castle Dmoch.
The name “Dmoch” was equally well-known regarding it`s crazy cars identified by the spectacular fur- optics which has been cult in Hamburg since that time.
But last but not least it might be the particular feeling referring  customer  desires and wishes which was the determining factor for the fur-shop Dmoch and emphasizes this leading specialist store and  distinguishes still nowadays it` splendid reputation.
Founded on this fact “Silke” and “Bernd” Dmoch are convinced regarding the previous statement and otherwise they are on the point to start with their new Dmoch collection, and that on traditional place and in the second generation.

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