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Lambskin clothes

We have the efficiency to keep in stock the lightest lambskins into the entire world and that in many colors and surfaces. According to international purchase we possess the ability to offer particularly for you a wide range of products and articles.
That means e.g. curly lamb from New -Zealand, merino lamb from Spain and last but not least Toscana lamb from Italy
Lambskin clothes
Fur clothes
Silk and for turnings
Quilt clothes and down clothes
Leather clothes

Now we want to show you a
small extract out of our
excellent program tailor made
for gentlemen and ladies.

Lambskin-01 Lambskin-02 Lambskin-03 Lambskin-04
Lambskin-05 Lambskin-06 Lambskin-07 Lambskin-08
Lambskin-09 Lambskin-10 Lambskin-11 Lambskin-12
Lambskin-13 Lambskin-14 Lambskin-15 Lambskin-16
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